The Shit - EP


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released April 24, 2013



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DISLOYAL Paris, France


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Track Name: Allegiance
We are the New Brood.

Hailing from city of Love.
From suburb to Downtown.
City lights as beacons. We stand as one.

In this jungle its all about us and our desire.
Look at us now in our eyes, can you support the staredown.
Raise our heads in this time and defy.

Not the hardest not the toughest
But i keep in memory all dirty things that you said.

This is why we do this shit!
Everyday we get the best useless is left behind.

We are the New Brood. Check out the New Shit.
Track Name: Carry On
You spent your time
Honoring your deads
Instead of cherich alive one.

No doubt you can have regrets.
But stay focused forward.

But it's over now.

Keep going on and step up. Go forth now. Carry on.
Don't look back. Let them speak about your past
You'll destroy their future.

Cause it's over now.

Keep carry on!

No remorses no regrets, what is done is done.
But your future is here right now built on past lessons.

Go forth now. Carry on. Face your fears. Keep carry on.
Track Name: Disloyal
Looking back five minutes and see where we are.
Get out of this venom bath.
In this jungle of snakes and knives, seeking path.
Soulsearching and goals, our demise.

I have no doubt, when I look at you.

Can you live with this treason? will I forgive?
I want to kick you a million miles away.
Can you live this betrayal? will I forgive?
Look into my eyes and see deception.

Too many lines have been crossed but it's over.
Too many hearts have been stabed but no more.
Your words are poison. your deeds are senseless.
Can you believe I will trust you again?

And now I forgive. I wash away my soul.
But now I forgive. And let me say my pray.
Track Name: Redefine
Hard for me and for you since you left.
Everything we have shared is fading away.
I search answers but i can't find.
The word "love" loses all sense.
We are shadows in the dark
Believing in a memory.

And in the end there is like a lack.
And in the end we want something more.

Can we find a escape that does not hurt us. I don't know.
Can we find an option that can save us now.
We search answers but we can find.
Face the truth,I can't lie. I am sorry but we have tried.
Just this time start a cry.
Track Name: Salvation
You wait for it, now you beg to stay alive.
This is your demon, born from yourself by yourself.
You can run but they will find you. Save yourself if you want to.
Find the way unto skies. Find the way to Redemption.

This is your Nightmare and it haunts you everyday.

It's hard to speak without a tongue.
To run without legs.
You choose to let them in but you can't go them out.
It's all because of you.


Take a look in the mirror this is your own demise.
It's all about urban survival.
It's all about salvation.